Thursday, October 12, 2006

Of cows and snow

Moo cards
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Yay! My Moo cards finally arrived today! I ordered them 3 weeks ago and was almost convinced they got lost in the mail... But they're here and they're pretty :) I only chose the pictures of the wallpapers I made so they'll match my webpage and also because this way, Jude can choose from the rest of our Flickr photos when he makes his cards. The cardstock Moo uses is good and heavy so the namecards don't feel like the kind that you run off at Kinko's. They are really puny though (see relative size) and when you hold them together, they almost feel like the cards you use to play chap jee kee*.

On a totally different note, MY BEST FRIEND ARRVIES TOMORROW!!! She'll be visiting for the weekend on her way to Minneapolis for corporate training. I've missed her so much and it'll be so nice to see her again. But...

It's going to SNOW here for the next two days.

Remind me again what month it is? And I bet it's not even going to be pretty snow, but probably eeky, slushly, wet and gross snow... :( Whatever... she & I figured we can always just stay indoors, have hot chocolate with marshmallows, and watch Meg Ryan movies all weekend long. Jude can join us too... ;)

*A gambling game popular among Straits-born Chinese played by four players using narrow cards based on the 12 pieces in Chinese chess.

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