Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of family and winter indulgence

Serene and Jean at the Arboretum
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I think I've consumed more calories these past few days than I usually do in a week, and did more shopping than we typically do in 6 months.... My cousin, Jean is here for a visit from Hong Kong and we have just had the most joyously heady time together! And I mean joy in the most essential sense of the word :) I actually haven't seen her since Jude and I got married, but though it's been three and a half years, it's like that time didn't matter at all. We practically grew up together, and now as we look back, we realize how more we've become alike as we've gotten older. We haven't run out of things to talk about- we never have- and this became acutely apparent to us when on the hour long journey to and fro the outlet mall at Birch Run, we literally did not stop talking! Jude said he never knew it was possible for his wife to talk so much... heehee :) While there was of course much to catch up on with our separate lives, it was also alot of reminiscing about our childhood together, and so much cheer, and much laughing :)

I haven't had so much fun busting my wallet and waistline in a long time- it's been a thoroughly dizzying experience! It was mostly outlet shopping so the bank account hasn't taken that much of a thrashing. I can't say the same for my tummy though...

What I bought in the last two days alone:
- 2 sheer polka-dotted blouses, 1 kimono-style knit sweater, 1 hooded knit tunic, 1 embroidered shirt, and a pair of capri pants from Banana Republic;
- 2 long-sleeved tees, a pair of jeans (on sale at $2.97!!!!), and a pair of corduroys for Jude (also $2.97!!!) from Gap;
- a Brooks Brother dress shirt (complete with cufflinks) for Jude (on sale at $9.99!!!); and
- 2 tins of Dark Chocolate Truffle Cocoa from Godiva.

What I ate in the last two days (all thanks to my equally gastronomically weak-willed cousin...):
- a huge all-American breakfast at Northside Grill- we're talking hash, sausage, bacon, eggs- the works folks...
- a root-beer float, cheese curds and a coney dog at A&W (it was unthinkably indulgent...)
- pork chop (with all the requisite sides) at Grizzly Peak;
- a cardiac arrest-inducing lunch at Zingerman's consisting of a lusciously succulent pastrami sandwich (#11: J.J.'s Pastrami Special), the mushroom, beef and barley soup, a slice of lemon chess pie, and a chocolate-custard eclair;
- a homemade dinner with Jean's finger-licking good garlic herb-rubbed chicken wings, and my good ol' dependable spicy mac & cheese; and
- as if the day's already obscene calorie count wasn't delirious enough , we took it to even greater stratospheric heights by having Stroh's Mackinac Island fudge ice-cream for dessert.

Guess who's heading straight for the gym after dropping Jean off at the airport tomorrow? ;)

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A said...

I am more than $2.97 jealous of your excellent shopping finds.
Way more.