Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Dark Knight- new trailer

Have I mentioned how much I'm waiting for the movie to open? Have I? Have I? Oh right, I have.

[click poster for new *freaking awesome!* HD trailer]

If Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker is as good as these clips suggest — and my brain starts popping every time I see his deliriously committed, smeared-makeup personification of pure, nut-job Evilness — then we’ve got a potential Best Supporting Actor nominee that will be much more than just a sentimental gesture to a cherished, departed actor.
-Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly


Dark Orpheus said...


Just wanted to say that.

Have I ever told you, for a woman my age, I have too many Batman T-shirts? My respectability goes out the windows.

serene said...

The question is whether you wear them out... :) Besides, I think liking Batman is perfectly respectable- it's not like you have Ninja Turtle T-shirts.

Dark Orpheus said...

Oh yeah. I wear my Batman T-shirts frequently. Even have 1 purple Joker T-shirt. Plus 1 Wonder Woman, 1 "Sunnydale High" T-shirt, 3 Lara Croft ones -- you get the idea. ;p

But thank god, I never liked the Ninja Turtles.