Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's all about the light...

Out in the open sea, with nary a city light in sight, Jude and I have never seen a more gorgeous sunset, a moon more resplendent, or light on the water more shimmering. We had our reservations about going on a canoeing expedition around Ao Phang-Nga (Phang Nga Bay)- a group of 132 limestone islands an hour away from Phuket- mostly cost-related, but I have to say now, it was worth every penny. Because we were in kayaks, it was about as close to the water as you could get without actually jumping in, and the views of the sea, the islands and the landscape was truly breath-taking from that perspective.

After bustling in Singapore for close to 2 months, being away in Phuket even for a few days was a relaxing break, especially enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. We've been away from any kind of coast for so long that just seeing the pristine beaches and feeling the warm grains of sand between my toes was divine. If Jude and I have one recommendation for those of you thinking of visiting Phuket, it'll definitely be to avoid the Patong Beach area altogether (congested and too much sleaze) and just head straight to either Kata or Karon Beach for pure seaside heaven. The whole experience was about as removed from city life as you can get and it was most refreshing. Data, charts, deadlines, proposals, submissions- everything faded away as we traversed the seemingly infinite horizon of the Andaman Coast- exploring limestone caves and lagoons, and dipping our hands into the waters to watch flickering bioluminescent plankton.

Seeking that Alex Garland, The Beach experience? This probably comes very close... :)

[Photos here.]

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the terrible child said...

definitely seeking the beach. include leonardo dicaprio!