Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok, here goes. Our second trimester ultrasound is in 9 days. That's when we find out if everything's going smoothly for the baby according to schedule and more importantly, the gender if we want to know. As mentioned here, Jude and I haven't decided yet if we do want to find out and nightly "So what do you think, hunny?"s don't help us make up our minds any easier.

Here, our dear blog readers, is where YOU come in. We've set up a poll right here on the blog so you can help us. It's up on the sidebar till the night before our appointment and by that time, we'll see if we come any closer to making a decision thanks to your input! :)


Dot said...

What if the poll is deadlocked?

serene said...

We flip a coin... ;)

Felicia said...

i miss the 2 of you so much! reading about your adventures as parents-to-be and looking thru your pics of your care package from home makes me long to see the 2 of you!
For that i'll come visit in June. Pls let me know when it's convenient for the 2 of you.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea to know the sex of your baby. A lot of baby clothes are unisex, but knowing the gender will also allow you to get specific kinds of clothes.

And you will be able to use gender pronouns!