Monday, August 31, 2009


Since Sophie seems to be growing more alert and aware of her surroundings with each passing day, Jude and I thought it'll be good to start buying her something to engage her developing senses. We've been meaning to buy her a mobile for the longest time and decided to make a trip to Little Seedling fully intending on getting something to hang over her crib. Nothing there struck our fancy, particularly because we really wanted a mobile that she can look at, which means positioned horizontally as opposed to hanging upright where's she's looking at the bottom of the mobile... Like, what's the point in that?

In the end, Jude picked out this most adorable Haba chicken instead (which pops out of it's own little cozy nest)- we're not even sure if Sophie can play with it yet but it was too cute to resist (I think we eventually bought it because *we* like it so much...) Here's the Sophie-Chickie meet-cute:

I'm going to be that unabashedly crazy-in-love mother and say this over and over (mostly because I'm still reeling from it), I can't believe between the two of us, we created someone this adorable... It still blows our mind! :)


sam said...

!!! *swoons*

Amy W Cook said...

And it will continue to blow your minds EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

Billie Lee said...

Omigosh. She looks so much like Jude! Especially when her eyes turn up to look to the side.

the terrible child said...

wwaaaahhhhhh sssooo cccuttteeeeee!