Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Snap happy

Because Sophie's only awake for short pockets of time a day, whenever she is up, we go stir-crazy with the camera. Like this afternoon when I took a string of at least 25 photos within a span of just 10 minutes. If I'm not careful, our daughter's going to grow up thinking her mother has a camera for a face...

1. Portrait of a young lady, 2. I vote to take no more pictures within the next hour please..., 3. Mid-yawn, 4. The first of many more embarrassing posed photos, 5. Bemused, 6. Concerned, 7. With I Love You Through & Through, 8. Oh Puhleeese..., 9. We live for expressions like these :), 10. Away with thee, paparazzi!, 11. Default post-nap expression, 12. Furrowed brow

1 comment:

the terrible child said...

1. sophie is definitely gg to think that both her parents have cameras for faces.

2. sophie will know how she has grown minute by minute, day by day

3. you must know that 5) bemused and 6)concerned are really the same face!

4. i can safely say id be all of the above if i had a susu monster like yours!