Sunday, September 06, 2009

When love comes to town

My parents are here. Yay! My parents are here. Did I mention that my parents are here? I love that my parents are here... For one, they've been a great help around the house. Just in the 24-hours alone, they've reorganized our kitchen, folded our laundry, bought us a brand new rice cooker (apparently, we've been living in the rice cooker Dark Ages- rice *isn't* supposed to stick to the pot...), an electric kettle (our small REI fast-boiling kettle did not perform satisfactorily), and a 5-cup coffee maker (because my dad needs his coffee in order to be functional in the morning and an espresso pot is just asking a little too much of him pre-caffeine...), and made us the kind of food that satisfies in the way only mom's homecooking can (a simple steamed fish never tasted so good...) Oh, and my mom felt the overwhelming need to help us clean our Herman Miller chair too. The whole back and bottom of it. Given the chance, she would have cleaned our entire house (basement and all) and then make dinner for the whole neighbourhood.

But more importantly, it's been magical watching them fall in love with Sophie in person, seeing them fawn over her every coo and whimper and the sparkle in their eyes when she responds to them :) Like us, they can literally sit and watch her sleep all day. Truly, there are few things in the world as precious...

1. The happy grandparents, 2. How's it hanging, Grandpa?, 3. Making Grandma very happy :), 4. Holding both grandparents' hands

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Madhu said...

I think there's a totally different level of adoration for grandchildren from grandparents. You can see it in their every pore. I love the picture of Sophie holding both their hands.