Monday, February 08, 2010

Guess who got a surprise "birthday" party?

It was meant to be an innocent play date with the Pothen ladies. Jude's in Savannah for a conference and so we thought it would be good for us to schedule a couple of play dates this weekend to get Sophie out and about and not missing her Daddy. And so imagine our (okay, my) surprise when we arrive at Liz & Dan's to find that they'd planned a party of sorts to celebrate Sophie turning 6-months old tomorrow!! It was such an unbelievably sweet gesture and I appreciate it so very very much! There were Happy Birthday balloons on the wall, a string of balloons spelling out Sophie's name, they had brought out all their soft toys so Sophie could play with them, and Divya even dressed up in her princess outfit most appropriate for a celebration :) And there were also birthday waffles with homemade blueberry sauce that Dan made- a treat it would seem just for the special occasion. In return, Sophie busted out all her smiles, giggles, and laughs and dispensed them generously to everyone who came into her line of vision :) I'm sure she felt very loved and everyone had a terrific time. Thanks SO MUCH, Liz, Dan, Hannah, & Divya!! :)

1. It was a playdate that turned into a surprise 6-month birthday party for Sophie!!, 2. Hannah hugs, 3. Sweet girls :), 4. Guess who's sitting up on her own??!!, 5. How nice!, 6. Smiles all round, 7. Party hat for the "birthday girl", 8. Chaneling the Slim Shady, 9. Birthday waffles!

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Liz said...

You really are impressive with your extensive documentation...and you're a new mom finishing her dissertation to boot! Just impressive. Enjoyed the FB pics as well. Come on over any time. I'll just take a look at your counter on the top of your blog and celebrate that day with Sophie. Every day is a blessed birthday :)

Hope Jude makes it back safe. My parents said Philly received an unprecedented 28" of snow this weekend.