Thursday, February 04, 2010

School(house) rocks!

I love school- I really do! I don't know why Mama and Daddy were sad the first day they dropped me off- Gretchen's House is so awesome and I love all my friends and teachers there. See me here getting my feet all squishy with paint for feet-painting- I had so much fun! Mom so needs to get some of these for the house so I can start channeling my inner Jackson Pollock :)

And my baby friends are too cool- I mean, I love Mama and Daddy and all, but sometimes, they just don't *get* me... Pooping, eating my toes, the pleasures of burping milk- what do they know? Lucy, Payton, and Isabel on the other hand- we have long, involved conversations about the best way to chew on our socks every time we do some tummy time together. Girlfriends- they rock.

Let's not forget my teachers- Sandra plays silly games with me and Erin's the best when it comes to changing my diapers. I've gotten really used to them now and love giving them "Good morning" smiles whenever I see them in the morning. They both call me "Soph" and give me the awesomest cuddles when I'm missing Daddy and Mama.

Apparently, my teachers think I'm doing really good in school too. This is what they wrote in my daily report yesterday (which made my parents really proud...):

"Sophie had another terrific day! She's been doing great with her naps! For her 2nd and 3rd naps of the day, we just laid her in her crib when she started to act tired and she put herself right to sleep. We're so proud of her! Also, Sophie's been such a social butterfly. Today, she joined us for a small staff meeting. She just sat with us quiet and alert the whole time like she was part of the meeting!"

I'm not sure what a social butterfly is-- is it any different from a regular butterfly?-- but from the way Mama was beaming, I'm thinking it's not a bad thing. So yes, school- I'm loving it. My parents hope this bodes well for my prospects of higher education, which I guess is where I go to learn how to count. For now though, I'm still working on sitting up on my own...

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