Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sophie's Nest

It counts as officially our best purchase for Sophie ever. In the past 7 months, several things have come close as lifesavers- our Moby wrap, the Bumbo, our Stokke highchair, etc. But in just two days, the Kidco PeaPod has usurped the place of everything else to become Sophie's all time favorite item in this house. We had bought it meaning for it to be a place she can sleep safely when we travel but it has turned into an excellent play area for her in the house. We lined it with her quilt, put some of her favorite toys in there, and voila! It's like her own little fun house! We call it Sophie's Nest- like a little birdie, she can sit in there and nibble on all her beloved toys and roll around without fear of getting hurt. Just look at how happy she is in there:

And if we have to run to the kitchen or the bathroom for a second, we just zip the Pod up and Sophie's safely ensconced inside and we don't have to worry about her rolling off her mat and hitting herself on our hardwood floor. For some strange reason, Sophie actually LOVES it when we zip it up- we think she thinks it's some variation on peek-a-boo that she adores so much :)

In fact, Sophie loves it so much that this afternoon, she managed to entertain herself in there for a full 15 minutes while Jude and I sneaked in some work next to her. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time, but in the world of a 7-month old, it's phenomenal. She didn't make a squeak and was content just exploring her toys and looking around the Pod. I can't describe how happy we are at the purchase but more importantly, how happy Sophie is in it. Our princess has finally found her castle :)

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