Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to Ann Arbor, Yiyi and Uncle Piao!

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It was as if she recognized them both from when we were home for Christmas. Either that or our daughter's just a most social baby. My sister and Piao would like to think the former of course, but either way, Sophie flashed them her largest, most radiant smiles ever when they hopped off the train from Chicago yesterday. And it's been nothing but more smiles and laughs since then :) They're both here for the next 10 days and if the past two days are any indication, I think they're both in for 10 days of much Sophie love! We're talking early morning snuggles, peekaboo smiles, and toothless gummy grins every time they look at her... Our daughter is thrilled that her aunt and uncle are here to visit, and she's sure letting them know it!

More photos here.

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