Thursday, April 01, 2010

Living up to her name

1. Snuggling with Yiyi, 2. Daddy love, 3. Sophie loves the swing!, 4. Baby you can drive my car, 5. I want the balloon AND the chocolate bar, 6. Zingerman's happiness, 7. Yiyi snuggles, 8. Playing dress-up at Grow With Me, 9. At the Farmer's Market

I don't think Sophie's ever been this happy, or at least until lately, she's not been able to show us how happy she is. With all the extra attention she's been getting from her Yiyi Erer and Uncle Piao, it's like our little punkin's blossoming right in front of our eyes into even more of an absolute delight- not that she wasn't before, but I think the combination of development, daycare, and having people around her all the time is really turning her into a true social being :) She gives nothing but smiles all day, chuckles and gurgles when she's thrilled, and will engage with any stranger who gives her the time of day. Like my sister observed, it's amazing to see how babies just seem to know instinctively when/ how to smile when they're in a good mood.

I have to admit when Sophie was about 10 weeks old and going through the peak of her newborn fussiness, it felt like she would never grow out of it. We had almost resigned ourselves to the fact that our firstborn was going to be high-strung, demanding fuss-pot. But now, at a cool 35 weeks, Sophie's as easy-going as they come and just a regular ball of sunshine :) Which makes you realize that when it comes to children, you just never know. Change is the only constant and they have more magical surprises up their teeny sleeves than us seemingly all-knowing adults can ever fathom. We can only love them with every fibre of our being and just trust that the profound wisdom that makes them tick will take care of the rest... :)

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