Monday, March 29, 2010

My Sunday morning checklist

1) Give Yiyi and Uncle Piao a huge morning grin.
2) Give Yiyi such good snuggles that she let me watch Ni Hao Kai Lan on her laptop.
3) Skype with Grandpa, Grandma, and Yiyi Sam in Singapore. Show them how I roll around my PeaPod and drool all over my toys.
4) Happily let Uncle Piao take many, many, many photos of me. The morning sun flatters my good side, I think.
5) Make a face when Mama tried to feed me this thing called puffs. Whatever they are, they taste weird... If I didn't know better-- and I don't-- I'd say that taste like Styrofoam...
6) Clock in some quality play time with Daddy while Mama brought Yiy and Uncle Piao to Kerrytown for more Zingerman's and a quick stop at Hollander's. I was not pleased that they left me out of the fun. What rain? Sophie Yew's made of sterner stuff ok...
7) Let Yiyi feed me the lunch of constipated champions- pureed prunes with rice cereal. Mama was worried that I didn't give her a poopy diaper yesterday so she decided to give me some prunes. Man, did she totally regret that decision later today. Four times over. Ha! Take that, Mama... that's for leaving me behind when you guys went to Kerrytown.
8) Smile. A LOT.

1. Sunday morning fun with Yiyi, 2. Guess who loves prunes?, 3. So full of smiles!, 4. More Yiyi, more!!

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