Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our happy baby

Even after three months of putting Sophie in daycare, we still miss her when she's not with us. And picking her up at 5.00 is always such a joy- watching that gummy grin break out across her face when she sees us and her arms flapping away, beckoning us to carry her :) What I love even more is the hour or two we have with her between coming home and putting her to bed. If the weather's nice, we take her for a walk around the neighborhood and spend some time on the swing, or if it's chilly like tonight, we let her loose on the floor at home and just watch her work on her scooting/ crawling/ standing.

I like to think that she misses us too because she's always in such a good mood-- teething or not-- and today, she made us so happy by... well, being happy :)

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