Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is NOT how Sophie looked like over the weekend

Sophie's teething. Like for real. Not the false alarm that was 2 months ago when Jude wasn't around. We're talking a runny nose, an epic amount of drooling (which is not helping her eczema), a low-grade fever on Saturday (which she got over in a jiffy), not eating well (imagine, our daughter refusing food... unheard of), general fussiness in the day, and rough nights. Especially last night. In the day, I think we do enough with her to distract her from whatever discomfort she must be feeling, but nights are a whole other story. She falls asleep fitfully and a couple of hours later, she's up crying every half hour.

We gave her a dose of Tylenol before bed, applied some Orajel hoping to soothe her gums, and I basically cuddled her to sleep all night on our bed. Her poor Daddy had to sleep in the study but I think Sophie really needed to be close to one of us last night. A lot of TLC, it would seem, is the most important thing babies need through their whole teething adventure. She finally fell into a deep slumber by midnight and slept fairly well considering the circumstances. Our poor baby- every time she's in any discomfort, my heart always breaks a little. We tried looking to see if the teeth are any where close to showing themselves, but short of two small translucent slits where the teeth are, it looks like it might be a little while more before they break through.

We are bracing ourselves...

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Syl said...

Poor Sophie, I hope she and you two get some comfort soon. Once the teeth break through though, watch out. Teeth marks on everything.