Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What we did on our (7th) anniversary weekend

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium, 2. Hello fishies, 3. Up close and personal with a starfish, 4. Take out dinner from the Monterey Fish House, 5. @ Spanish Bay, 6. This one is for Dad: 18th hole at Pebble Beach, 7. View of the Pacific Ocean from Highway 1, 8. Deep fried abalone sandwich, 9. All pooped out from the trip

Took many desktop wallpaper-esque photos at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Fell in love with jellyfish.

Watched Sophie touch a starfish for the first time.

Realized that a kelp forest can be as arresting as a real one.

Got takeout two nights in a row from the Monterey Fish House and discovered that you can have delicious takeout seafood (and that in California, they take their scallops very seriously...)

Felt bad for having a seafood dinner after spending the day at the aquarium.

Paid $9.50 just to drive along a scenic route.

Realized that said route isn't just another scenic route.

Took more desktop wallpaper-esque photos at Spanish Bay.

Realized that we will never tire of looking at the Pacific Ocean.

Watched Sophie cling to Jude for dear life when we brought her a little too close to the crashing waves.

Visited the Pebble Beach Golf Links (where the U.S. Open was held two weeks ago) and wished my dad was there with us.

Discovered olallieberry pie but was not impressed.

Discovered deep-fried abalone sandwich and was very impressed. Count our culinary minds blown yet again...

Allowed our breaths to be taken away by the stunning scene of the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean just to the left of us while the Santa Cruz mountains passed by on our right along Highway 1.

Planned our next trip to the coast.

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