Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't ask me where she learned to be such a show-off

I think I'm going to always be this hysterical at each of Sophie's milestones; I was when she first sat up on her own, first used her pincer grasp properly, first started crawling, and first stood up. And this morning, when she showed us that her ability to stand unassisted is officially a conscious and repeatable skill (as opposed to a "hmm... what would happen if I just did this?" fluke), I was squealing like a harpy. Again. Trust me, it'll happen again when she starts walking, at her first word, on her first day of school, her first pimple- I could go on...

And where did she learn to be such a show-off? I will never know. It's like she thrives on the attention and applause. Like Tinkerbell- "Clap! Clap if you believe!"

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