Monday, July 07, 2008

Home vs. blogging

What is it about being at home in Singapore that gets in the way of blogging? It's almost like I'm uninspired to blog- OK, maybe "uninspired" isn't quite the right word, "unmotivated", perhaps. It surely doesn't have to do with time, since it's been so nice taking a break from work these past few days and just spending time with the family, during which I could have easily found some time to blog if I wanted to.

It probably also has little to do with the lack of things to blog about- I could have told you about my first data collection session with a class of ten-year-olds (which went extremely well, except for one rather precocious kid who kept asking how old I am. Apparently, telling me over and over that I look 20 is supposed to be a compliment- which it would have been had it not been so weird..), or the excruciating heat and humidity I had to endure as I ran my first 8K through MacRitchie Reservoir over the weekend (if I can survive keeping up my running regimen here, I really might be able to survive the Detroit Half). Or maybe you would have liked to read about the fiasco otherwise known as Serene Koh's attempt to renew her student visa? (who still requests for cashier's orders these days?? The American Embassy in Singapore, it would seem...). And then there's the insane storm of a meal my sister and I whizzed up tonight- anchovy-onion pasta, glazed ginger ale carrots, Parmesan-crusted fried lamb chops with tzatziki, and a banoffee pie thrown in just in case we weren't in enough of a food coma.

At the end of the day, I think blogging has become our way of updating our friends and family here about our lives in A2, but since we're now home and a "hey you!", "why are you late?", and "what *is* that you're wearing?" are just a text message, phone call, or shout down the hallway away, it's almost like there's little need to blog. Of course, there are those of you who are now on the other end- our friends stateside- who pop in once in a while to make sure we haven't fallen off the edge of the world. Don't worry, we'll make sure to update as often as we can. Hope you guys had a great 4th July weekend!- I can't believe Kobayashi lost the hotdog-eating contest again- c'mon, dude! Asia represent!- and that returning to the grind of work today has been forgiving after all that partying, BBQ and fireworks!


Tym said...

I think kids are just fascinated with the idea of a "new" adult's age. Having said that, my former students in JC spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how old I was --- until they realised they could just look me up in old yearbooks :P

A said...

I don't know if someone insisting that I'm 20 is good or bad. Looking 20 is OK, but acting, well. Sort of glad to grow up there.

Don't forget us back in the US - we want to know what it is you're uptoseeingandeatingandstuff.

I'm crossing my fingers that there'll be some new posts every so often to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears when I'm at work. ;P

serene said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean :) And it's trickier teaching in JC too when the age gap between us and them isn't that huge, especially when I first started fresh out of NIE...

How *is* work? Thanks for those things you sent in the mail. Did you get our card? And yes, we will update. On the food front, it's been mostly home-cooked food so far, which I'm not complaining about! :)

hello world said...

Hey Serene & Jude,
I tried my hand at blogging 4 different times in my life and just didn't have the follow through. It's a lot of work.
But I've seen the future and it is twitter. Follow me
Sounds (and looks) like you guys are having fun in Singapore. Hopefully we'll see you for J & M's wedding.

the terrible child said...

i know what you mean about the lack of impetus to blog. i dont have much things to say on my blog either if you noticed! another round of kopi soon with sher che too plsss. the national museum kopitiam kopi very nice.