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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Post-move in Day #3

Home office unpacked for now
Home office almost unpacked

And we're moved in!

Things have mostly been unpacked (living room notwithstanding...) and regular routine resumes tomorrow as we all return to work and school. As much as we hate to move, the process has not been as painful as we had dreaded it would be. Many thanks to an uber reliable and professional moving company (Shalom Movers rocks!), family who lovingly babysat and prepared meals for us to bring home, and friends who visited and brought with them food and dessert so we didn't have to worry about cooking amidst unpacking. You guys rock! Most importantly, I can't imagine doing this move with anyone else but Jude-- I think I would have lost it at that third leaking storage bag or the umpteenth random box that just won't fit anywhere else in the new apartment.

Thank god for soul mates...