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Monday, October 14, 2013

Our new backyard

I love that we have a forest just within walking distance

I love that we have a forest just within walking distance _7448

"I want to run EVERYWHERE!!"

Believe it or not, this tropical gorgeousness is literally just a hop and a skip from our new place. And we love it. It was an awful weekend for me for the most part-- battling some random bug that rendered me bed-bound whenever Miss Sophie would allow and lethargic whenever I was awake. But then we decided to spend the evening exploring our new backyard and really, it was all the medication I needed to revive my ailing body.

Having grown up in Ann Arbor has made Sophie very much a child who loves wide open spaces, enjoys picking up sticks and leaves, and who can never resist a pretty rock/ stone/ pebble. And I think our evening jaunt gave her all that and more :) She was so much in her element among the lush greenery-- running, tumbling, picking, poking; basically, exploring all that was within her reach. For me, that beautiful fresh air really helped alleviate whatever crazy bug it was that hit me and did me a whole ton of good.

I'll write about the new apartment soon(ish)-- for now, we're really grateful for what's outside, literally in our backyard.