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Monday, March 05, 2007

Tune of the week: Back to Ypsilanti

I was cruising through my RSS feeds and came across a post by Mark Maynard (of Crimewave USA fame) about an Ypsilanti anthem. In the post he linked to a wonderful track by native Ypsi resident, Lee Osler, called "Back to Ypsilanti". It's a groovy little number that really put a smile on my face this evening. You can read more about the song on the Cousins Vinyl blog.

For those not local to Ann Arbor or Detroit, Ypsilanti (or Ypsi, pronounced ip-see) is the neighboring city to Ann Arbor where we do our groceries and find the restaurants to be cheaper. The city's (it's more of a town really...) a little rough around the edges and suffers somewhat from being the poor cousin next to Ann Arbor. However, there's a growing local-pride movement and the city's attracting a young hipster set who are interested in a DIY, local arts and crafts mindset. Heck, it's the birthplace of Iggy Pop and has one of the best public jazz radio stations I know of.

But whatever it is, the tune's bound to make those familiar with Ypsi smile :)


Noor said...

this song is so making my day! :)

BTW, why do you guys do your grocery shopping in Ypsi?!?

you know just last night me and David Choi were making fun of all of your food blog posts ;)

jude said...

Glad you liked the song Noor :)

Yeah, we feel that we can find more ethnic groceries in Ypsi. There's a great Asian market and also we go to the Halal meat stores for our chicken.

What? Making fun of our food blog posts????? Hah! This demands a blogging challenge. What makes dachoi think that his rants are any better?

Anonymous said...

This guy came to our school when we were in elementary school. We all got single 45 records of the song. I’m talking like ’85-86.

jude said...

That's an amazing connection heddle! Do you happen to still have the 45 in your possession? I think that you could fetch a pretty penny for it.

L.Lee said...

Glad to see and hear that people still enjoy "back to Ypsilanti" Lee Osler is my father ,and i just googled his name just to see what came up. I was one of the little ones , in the parades waving to the crowd , from his floats , if you'd like to hear where some of his talent rubbed off on , chck out my myspace music page at

adampsyche said...

this is the best song in the history of the universe.