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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A little cleansing...

Thai noodle soup
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...of the gut that is. After all that delightfully indulgent food over the Christmas weekend, we decided we needed to just slow down a little and have something a little easier on the palate and our digestive systems in general. And if you ask me, nothing does that better than some pipping hot noodle soup. It helps too that the weather tonight has been a combination of icy rain and blustery winds so it was the perfect night for something warm and comforting. If we were back home in Singapore, it would have been a cinch to find a bowl of deliciously simple noodle soup- they are a dime and a dozen everywhere and almost always guaranteed to satisfy. But in this part of the U.S. though- like most things we miss from home- it was up to us to recreate it on our kitchen.

I adapted the recipe for Thai noodle soup from here. Starting with a base of chicken stock, the soup is tangy from the lime and lemongrass, a little spicy from the chilli, and has an interesting depth of flavor from the fish sauce and belachan (shrimp paste). Throw in some crunchy veggies and cooked chicken that we stripped from a roast chicken from the store, and you have a hearty and healthy one-bowl meal that's sure to both cleanse and comfort :)

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